Annual Percentage Yield (APY) Calculator

Online annual percentage yield (APY) calculator


APY Calculator

  • The annual percentage yield Calculator (APR) helps you find or calculate the best income for investment or deposit, and calculate the potential gains from an investment or the final balance in a deposit account.

    APY = (
    1 +
    ) n - 1

    r = the interest rate
    n = the number of times the interest is compounded per year

  • Calculate your final balance from an annual percentage yield, make compare annual percentage yield with investing term, to find the better and most yield for you.

    In this calculator, you can convert an interest rate to APY, APY to interest rate, calculate the final balance of investment, and calculate the initial balance of investment.
    Enter the interest rate to calculate the annual percentage yield (APY), or just skip the interest rate and enter the APY, the interest rate will be calculated automatically. Then enter the duration of the investment and the initial balance to calculate the final balance, or enter the final balance to calculate the initial balance.