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DCA Calculator

  • Simply calculate the dollar cost average by entering the numbers of shares and your average cost or your total cost. If you enter the average cost, the total cost will be calculated, and so if you enter the total cost, the average cost will be calculated.

    Same for the next investment, fill the inputs. For more investment, click on the "Add" button and fill inputs the same way above. Finally, click calculate, the result will be the total numbers of shares you own, the average cost, and the total cost.

How to Calculate Dollar Cost Average

  • To calculate the dollar cost average, you need the total number of shares (assets, shares, cryptocurrency) and the total cost of all investment. Then calculate the dollar cost average simply by dividing the total cost by total numbers of shares.

    Formula: total cost ÷ total number of shares = dollar cost average

    The dollar cost average is equal to the total cost divided by the total number of shares.
    Total cost is equal to all purchase costs, each purchase cost is equal to the number of shares multiplied by the average cost.
    The total number of shares is all the shares you bought.

  • Example

    A month ago, I bought 10 shares (stocks, cryptocurrencies, assets, or whatever you want) with an average purchase of $2.
    Today these shares dropped to $1 per share. I bought 30 shares with an average buy of $1.

    What is my average buy?
    Formula: total cost ÷ total shares = average cost
    Total cost = [10 x 2 = 20] + [30 x 1 = 30] = 50
    Total shares = 10 + 30 = 40
    Average cost = 50 ÷ 40 = 1.25

    My dollar average cost is $1.25, and I have 40 shares at a total cost of $50