Launchpad Calculator

Cryptocurrency launchpad accumulated rewards calculator


Launchpad Accumulated Rewards

  • Calculate launchpad accumulated rewards, enter the interest rate APR or the APY, the term of the launchpad, your deposit amount, and the price of the token that you will be accumulated during this period.

    Rewards = [(
    1 +
    ) n - 1] x V

    r = interest rate
    n = period in years
    V = deposit value

    Token number =
    Token Price
  • Example:

    An investor deposits $500 USDC on a launchpad pool to mine a X Token, for a term of 12 months.

    The pool for 12 months has a 42.54% APR
    The current X Token price is $0.089
    At the ending of the investment, the investor will be gain 2389.89 X Token that currently worth $212.7

    The result may vary greatly depending on the current price of the token, and the interest rate changes.