Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Online cryptocurrency portfolio tracker, without personal information, no login, no passwords.


Crypto Portfolio Tracker

  • Online cryptocurrency portfolio tracker and portfolio analytics, without the need to sign up for an account or paste your wallet public address. This portfolio tracker will provide you with the most and least profitable coin, the return on investment (ROI) for each coin, your gains/losses, and many coins analytics and details.

  • Privacy

    The site is a static web app, there is no database, which means all calculations provided is happen on the user browser, to deep dive into static sites check this link Wikipedia.

    No one can track you, there is no registration, no database, you can create many portfolios and add them to bookmark, or copy and save the generated URL wherever you want, there is no limit.

    Cryptocurrency current price is provided from Coingecko API, browser make a request to Coingecko API by the id name of the coins, to keep the price updated every time you visit the page, like many Excel crypto portfolio template.

    About the "save" button, the save button technically is adding the generated URL to the address bar (location bar or URL bar), where your browser get the data of coins (coin name, quantity, and date of investment), this is why you should save before refreshing, or adding to bookmark.

How to use it

  • First, you need to add your coin name in the first input above, we provide the most common cryptocurrencies, if you wanna add other than the provided coins, you can check the Coingecko coins list and add the coin ID in the input, to get the current price of the coin.

    Coingecko List
    Please make sure when you adding unprovided coin, add the coin ID, not the coin name.

    Second, fill in the rest of the input, coin quantity, investment start date, and the total investment or the price per coin when you buy.
    and to add another coin click the add button, and repeat this steps.

  • How to Track your Portfolio?

    You can track your portfolio by copying and saving the generated URL above, or by clicking on the save button and bookmarking this page on your browser. Every time you visit this page by the URL generated or from your bookmark list, the price of coins will be automatically updated to the current price without doing anything.

    You are able to edit or change your portfolio any time you want, but just make sure to replace the old URL with the newer one.

    You can make an unlimited number of crypto portfolios, make sure to bookmark your first portfolio, then clear all coins by clicking on the red button above and create a new portfolio, finally add the new portfolio to a new bookmark with another name from the previous.